Kernels of Hope: Real People, Real Stories

41GYxAPmLeLThe tales in this remarkable and encouraging book are not “one day far away” Christian platitudes or mini-sermons telling us what we need to do. They are, instead, heart-warming stories told by people looking back on what God did for them. The situations, challenges, and impossible circumstances faced by each story-teller—and how God miraculously answered each of them—will fill you with hope.

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Anna's Secret

(Inspirational Romance) Work in progress

A mere month after her husband, Steven’s, death, thirty-nine- year-old Anna Clarke, the consummate good girl, falls from grace in one night of loneliness and passion. Pregnant and ashamed, she grapples with ideology foreign to her Christian beliefs.

Much to Anna’s surprise, those closest to her assume the baby is Steven’s. Guilt and pride allow the lie to live until her deceit hits a wall when the biological father, Dr. Carmichael, comes calling and demands a DNA test.

Shocked at how one lie bled so easily into another, Anna realizes her reputation of devout Christian living is about to disappear like a leaf caught in a windstorm. She hears the whisper of her loving Heavenly Father, who longs to restore her soul, but does she have the courage to face the scandal and the truth of her feelings toward Dr. Carmichael?

Shadows O’er the Journey

(Fiction—Romance) Publication Pending

James had no intention of falling in love with his best friend—tomboy Anita. But even he couldn’t deny the metamorphous from squirt…to one very attractive distraction. After noticing the attention she draws, and reluctant to leave for university without declaring his feelings, he takes the risk and opens his heart. Love blossoms.

A catastrophic accident leaves James blind where he must learn to live in a world of darkness. Guilt ferments. A secret, haunts every waking moment. Anger at God surges. No room left in his bitter heart for love, he pushes Anita out of his life and allows drugs, sex and rock-and-roll to numb the pain.

Little does he understand the depth of true unconditional love, both from his loving heavenly Father or his lovely Anita.

Shenandoah Bride

(Historical Fiction) Publication Pending

Katie’s family is left destitute after their home is burned to the ground by Yankee soldiers. An answer to their dilemma comes seemingly out of nowhere. The prominent Mr. Graham Richardson offers a home, work for Pa, and a new beginning for them all. There is no point in Katie belaboring the sad truth of entering into a loveless marriage. Her dreams and aspirations are of little significance in light of her family’s plight.

The gentleman in Graham finds he can no more force the frightened Katie into his bed, than he can force her into loving him, so he sets out to gently woo her. His desire is to become her friend and earn her trust and love first. Katie is pleasantly surprised that she enjoys both his company and humor. Contrary to her assumptions, she is drawn to him.

When Graham’s younger partner, Colby, and Katie strike up an instant friendship, Graham feels a growing sense of insecurity and jealousy festers within him. Katie cannot conceive Graham’s sudden disinterest in her. Both are left with the confusion of what to do with their so-called marriage.

Friendly Fire

God Is Good Even When Life Isn’t

(Non-Fiction—True life story) Publication Pending

When betrayal crashes in on a life, the sheer magnitude of pain is overwhelming. Shock, grief and anger hit simultaneously. This true story of heart wrenching anguish includes journal entries from Blossom’s life to humanize the struggle thereby removing the sterile clinical approach. Friendly Fire, Seven Steps to Healing From Betrayal, offers compassionate support and real answers to difficult questions.

Practical advice is provided on how to manage the initial trauma, negotiate the decision-making process, and handle destructive emotions effectively. Whether your personal betrayal involves infidelity, a dishonest business partner, an abusive childhood, or that of a close friend, you can trust the following principles of truth from a person who has lived through all of the above and discovered no pain too big for God to heal.

Blossom and David’s story of restoration provides hope for marriages, but the focus of this book is on the necessity of inner healing regardless of the outcome. The importance of personal recovery, avoiding depression, and breaking free of the anger that leads to bitterness are highlighted. Knotty subjects such as forgiveness, rebuilding trust, and restoring a battered self-esteem are tackled with transparency and insightful wisdom. A resounding message of hope literally jumps off the page from start to finish.

Warning: you cannot read this book without believing that inner healing is possible no matter what your circumstances.

Blossom Turner is a free-lance writer and personal trainer who has had a series of articles published in The Daily Courier (British Columbia) on health and fitness. She has also had two non-fiction stories published in Kernels of Hope—an anthology by Bob and Gail Kaku. Through her life experience, she has been an avid blogger bringing faith and hope to those who have suffered through infidelity and brokenness. Blossom has completed three romance novels as well as a non-fiction book entitled Friendly Fire: Seven Steps to Healing from Betrayal.
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