Welcome. There is no coincidence you find yourself here! Betrayal has hit your life and you can barely breathe. How I feel your pain, and long to share an encouraging message of hope and inner healing. You are in the right place.

Between Two Friends

by Blossom Turner on November 30, 2015



This past week a friend of mine sent me this email…the message touches so many of our lives and so I asked her if I could reprint it in my blog and she graciously gave her permission respectfully keeping her name anonymous.

When we first started reading Larry Crabb’s book “66 love letters” he said in the beginning that history is “His Story.” (Meaning God’s Story.) I had never thought of it that way. I had never thought about God’s plan for the world or humankind.
As I journey toward healing through Jesus I now understand how our healing is part of “His Story.” I think about how broken we all are and wonder why is it that no matter how good of parents we had, or how well we raised our own children, they, we, are still broken. We need healing from Jesus, no matter what. And then it came to me; that was God’s plan all along. If we got everything we needed from our mother’s or father’s or spouses, we wouldn’t need God.
I did my best to raise my children. They were my focus. I put in so much time and effort. All I ever wanted was to be the best wife and mother I could be. And still my children are broken, my marriage is broken. Now I see that no matter what I could have or would have done, they would still be broken and in desperate need of God. What a relief from feeling like I messed up. I now see through spiritual eyes, I couldn’t possibly have done any better than I did. And even still I  missed the mark, but that’s OK.
We were created to be in intimate relationship with our Creator to receive what we need. We were created to be connected to the Vine (being Jesus) at all times. We were created to be completely dependent on Him. We were created to have faith and trust Him completely. And to the level that we know and practice this, we will have peace, joy, love and His wisdom to guide us and keep us on the path that He created for us.
I pray that His grace seeps into every fiber of your being today and everyday and energizes you to focus on all God has for you.

In this letter between close friends the struggles of life spill out on the page. Honest reflection of the short-comings of humanity familiar to us all are openly discussed. All I can add to this amazing revelation is to say…Thank you Jesus for your beautiful redemptive plan. AMEN


by Blossom Turner on November 16, 2015


Each life, each placement in time and territory, each story, is uniquely and divinely appointed.

Do you believe you have influence in your world?

Do you believe you have love and wisdom to share and impart?

Do you believe God knows exactly what you are going through, and though He may not remove your troubling circumstances, He has promised His unfailing love and peace?

Isaiah 54:10 says, “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills removed, (in other words, your world turned upside down) yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace removed,” Says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

In my past, there were many days of sorrow in which I begged God to remove the pain. He was more concerned in what the pain was doing within me and for me, than in removing the pain.

How is this compassionate you ask? How is this loving?

I now understand…there is a world of need bigger than my immediate relief of pain. There is a purpose that transcends my puny understanding. My story, your story, is meant to touch others through the gift of understanding…and understanding is often wrought through the crucible of pain.

Your story is unique and valuable because of the joy and the sorrow. Your power of influence touches a realm of souls unlike any other human being on earth.

Think about that! I don’t know the people you know, and you don’t know the people I know, and there is no other person on earth who has met exactly the same people you interact with.

In other words…your story is powerful. Use it for God’s glory…and never underestimate the power of the difficult in your life to profoundly encourage another soul far more than the happy seasons of life.

One thing I have learned when looking into the face of pain. No two stories are the same, but they melt into each other through the gift of listening. Let all explanations remain silent. Look deeply into the eyes of the one who suffers. Visit their pain. Let them share their story. Show compassion and love, and don’t stop until they believe they are not alone.

Could it be your unique experience is the only story that can speak to that special someone God wants you to reach?

Could it be in God’s upside down economy…pain is the greater blessing???

“But…but,” you cry…(as I did many times), “I need this pain to stop.”

Could it be that in eternity the great equalizer will take place, and the first shall be last, the last first; those with an easy life have had their blessing and those who have suffered much receive a richer reward?

For your answer read the Word of God for an authority much greater than mine.

Matthew 19:30,

Matthew 16:27,

2 Corinthians 4:16&17,

Hebrews 13:15,

I Corinthians 3:7&8,

Colossians 3:23&24,

Revelation 22:12,

1 Peter 4:12&13

Hebrews 2:10



Who wants this story?

by Blossom Turner on November 9, 2015


Who sets out on their wedding day with dreams of sadness, betrayal and adultery in mind? What, you say, that would be crazy? Yes, of course it is, but the sad reality is that way too many relationships have memories they would love to obliterate.

That’s the way I feel. I would love to pretend that I have a fairy tale life, a happily-ever-after, nothing but a happy-go-lucky existence, but that would be a lie. Betrayal is the shackle I have tried to shake but for reasons bigger than a perfect story, God has allowed me to experience numerous scenarios.

I have a story with light and dark, thin places and crushing disappointments, and you may too.

Most every life can identify with some sort of betrayal from gossip, childhood abuse, to prayer partners breaking confidence, a doctor’s wrong diagnosis and suffering for 5 years with chronic pain, friends or siblings that turn away, money stolen or not repaid, employees or employers that don’t live up to their word, or the pain of adultery in a relationship, …but how about having all of that happen?

Now if the sorrow of betrayal was all I could write about that would be too sad for words, and one would have to wonder what I did to invite all those scenarios, but could the suffering of betrayal have happened for a greater purpose?

What about the purpose of learning how to forgive as God has forgiven me?

Or…what about for the very purpose of encouraging you today?

A deep desire grips my heart because I know what a broken heart feels like… and I will do everything within my power with honest revelation to help others in their time of need. A kind word of hope. A lunch just to listen and show love.  A prayer. Would I care as deeply if my life had been peachy? I dare say not.

I speak openly and honestly of the pain. But I don’t camp there…I speak openly and honestly about the hope that lives beyond the darkness. God will take even the darkest of hours, when evil has prevailed and turn it around to be used for good if we allow Him in instead of bitterness.

I long to fill you with hope, and ask you to believe this truth…you will not always hurt like you do today. If only a smidgen of hope touches your soul and helps you through yet another day, it is enough.

Proverbs 25:20 says: Like one who takes away a garment on a cold day, or like vinegar poured on soda, is one who sings songs to a heavy heart.

So I will not sing you a song oh dear one with a heavy heart, but I will cover you in prayer and send healing words your way.


Suffering-blessing or curse?

by Blossom Turner on May 2, 2015


I am sick today…a weak kitten sitting in my chair with nothing but time…a rare gift. Not the flu of course but the time.

Given time I think about my blog site and how life has stolen most every moment working at a business I neither love, nor care to do, yet here I am stuck on a treadmill running way to fast. Commitment dictates I stay the course but…

I ask God why? Why, when I would rather be writing, am I cleaning out parts in a stinky machine shop breathing in toxic fumes?  Why did I have to lose my financial security? Why when I wanted a perfect marriage did I receive  the heartache and disappointment of infidelity? Why did I have 5 years of undiagnosed pain, only to find out that a simple surgery could have saved me that horror? Why as a child did I suffer physical and mental abuse? Why, why, why?

Does God give a stone when we ask for bread?

Does God grow silent at times we need him most?

Does God care about the details of this often sad and tortured world?

The answer to that is an emphatic yes,  but…it is all in our understanding.

Why would a God who could prevent suffering allow it?

I just finished reading a book I highly recommend called Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb. I both love and hate this book, as he tears apart these difficult questions and answers them in a less than pleasurable way. He states that having God make us feel good and give us pleasurable experiences with a pain free existence is not God’s primary goal.  From my life experiences I  can do no less than agree with him. From looking at the life of the prophets in the Bible and the disciples, this  thinking lines up with Scripture.

There is something incredibly humbling, life changing and powerful that happens in suffering if we turn toward God not against Him. An unquenchable desire for God above all other dreams or desires emerges and all other good things in life take a secondary roll. It is how God planned it should be…Him first, family second and all other pursuits there after.

In our north American Christian culture we flock in the thousands to churches that preach only a God who allows blessings and these blessings are described as the world would understand blessings…financial security, health, children doing great etc. But what happens when a child gets cancer, or a spouse cheats, or a loved one dies, or…(you place your shattered dream here)??? What then??? Is God any less God? Is He any less loving? Have you done something bad to deserve such trauma. The answer to that is an emphatic NO.

What God is doing within you when he allows suffering is neither comfortable, nor palatable to a world that seeks pleasure as its number one objective. Look at Jesus, God used death on the cross to give forgiveness, He used suffering to provide the most incredible gift of all.

I highly recommend reading Larry Crabb’s book on this subject for a far better explanation than I could ever give, but this one thing I know with all my heart. Suffering has been a gift I would never have asked for, nor one I enjoyed, but a gift never-the-less. I now know  with a certainty that I never had before, that no matter what life throws my way I have nothing to fear. God is with me and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more for me than I can ask or think. Ephesians 3:20.

And so I go to work six long days a week with a different attitude…I ask God each day, I am here, now what? Give purpose to my day.


I Lift My Hands

by Blossom Turner on May 5, 2014


Dear Reader,

The next stretch is extremely busy for me. Our business in spring is full on. We work long, long days everyday of the week except Sunday. This being the case I find it hard to find the time to write.. On top of this we have to move in the month of June and I have to find time to pack each evening. In saying all this, please know I haven’t given up on this blog, but am realistically having to face the fact I cannot do it all.

For this week I will share one of my favorite songs by Chris Tomlin…in all circumstances, in the good the bad, the easy or the sad, we can find power in lifting our hands toward our Maker and finding strength to walk through.

May you find inspiration in the listening…