Friendly Fire: Seven Steps to Healing From Betrayal

When betrayal crashes in on a life, the sheer magnitude of pain is overwhelming. Shock, grief and anger hit simultaneously.

This true story of heart-wrenching anguish includes journal entries from Blossom’s life to humanize the struggle. Friendly Fire: Seven Steps to Healing From Betrayal, offers compassionate support and real answers to difficult questions.

Blossom shares practical advice about how to…

… manage the initial trauma
… negotiate the decision-making process
… handle destructive emotions effectively

Whether your personal betrayal involves infidelity, a dishonest business partner, an abusive childhood, or that of a close friend, you can trust the principles of truth from a person who has lived through betrayal and discovered that there’s no pain too big for God to heal.

Blossom and David’s story of restoration provides hope for marriages, but the focus of this book is on the necessity of inner healing regardless of the outcome.

Blossom highlights the importance of:

  • personal recovery
  • avoiding depression
  • breaking free of the anger that leads to bitterness

She tackles knotty subjects such as forgiveness, rebuilding trust, and restoring a battered self-esteem with transparency and insightful wisdom.

A resounding message of hope literally jumps off the page from start to finish.

Warning: you cannot read this book without believing that inner healing is possible no matter what your circumstances.


Friendly Fire: Seven Steps to Healing From Betrayal, is the working title of a completed manuscript, currently in the publishing process.

Blossom Turner is a freelance author who has an array of fitness articles and devotionals published.

She has contributed two stories to an anthology called Kernels of Hope, available through Majesty House Publishing, June 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9799903-2-8. Kernels of Hope is also available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, eBook ISBN: 978-0-9799903-3-5.